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What we bring to the table:-

Permanent Staffing: where you can source one time contingency requirements.
Contract Staffing: as the name suggests is way of recruiting required manpower on “contract”.
Data Mapping – where you can increase your Passive to Productive Resource Pool.
RPO – where you can have our recruiters co located with you – for a customized assignment / duration, etc.
Campus Recruitment Programs – where we can completely assist you with a well coordinated wider choice amongst Tier 1, 2 & 3 Graduation Colleges.

Additionally we specialize in Executive Searches, Team Transitions & Turnkey Solutions.

We are conversant with Domains such as – Storage, Virtualization, Networking, Enterprise Server, Cloud Computing, Internet Applications, Telecom, Embedded , etc.

A few Compelling Reasons to consider working with us:-

• High Conversion / Net Acceptance Ratio: We have achieved a net conversion of 43.2%.

• Wider Selection: More Choices, better Quality.

• Speed of Service: Requirement to Turnaround.

• Professionalism: Ethics, Integrity and Transparency

Should things progress further, I will be happy to forward you our Company Profile in PDF format for you to go through, as well as references from our existing clients regarding our credentials.

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Amith Somani