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In Case you are inclined to enhance your career growth then I got the below position for your reference;

Company : CMM 5 Level Company

Mode Of Hiring: Permanent

Work Location: Bangalore


Requirement Details
Requirement Fusion APPS DBA
Job Opening ID RB 06
  1. 00 to 10.00 yrs
Location Bangalore
Sourcing Status New
Job Description

Required Skills:

Primary Task:
Install, configure, patch and support multiple Fusion APPS databases and Fusion Middleware stacks
Perform day-to-day database administration and ensure integrity, security and availability of applications environments.
Ensure a smooth task handover across different regions, onsite/offshore.
Fix environment-related bugs filed by the developers
Develop scripts to automate functions, processes and monitor database performance using EM

1.Software/Hardware Requirement Analysis:
Capacity planning for hardware and software in the configuration and implementation of Oracle e-Business Suite 11i/R12
§ Estimating Database size growth (Database Size Management)
§ Estimating File System Growth (Physical Space Management)
§ Estimating OS requirement to handle all Application components
§ Advise management on long-term strategy, planning, and implementation of new releases of Oracle and related System Software
2.Application Modules Knowledge :
§ Complete Knowledge of system Admin Modules (FND, AD, APPLSYS, ICX..etc)
§ Set-up Customization Environment (Required extensive security and standards)
§ Up-grading Modules to latest patch level using Mini-Pack and Maintenance Pack Patches
3.Installation/Upgrading and Cloning:
§ Installing Oracle Application 11i/R12 using Rapid wiz in multi-node architecture.
§ Building Multiple Test Instance using Oracle Application Cloning Process (Required to run Rapid Wiz Installation and set-up Source and Target instance to prepare for Cloning Process)
§ Cloning Oracle application/Database using ADCLONE and Rapid clone with/without AutoConfig to create new TEST/PROD Instance.
§ Up-grading Oracle Application to latest patch level using Maintenance Patch (e.g.12.1.0 -> R12.1.4).
§ Up-grading application Database (e.g.: to
§ Installing 3rd party tools (Back-up Software, Monitor Software, Version Control Software and more)
§ Installing Developer Suite, Workflow Builder and other Development tools on Developer machines.
4.Conversion and Implementation:
§ Develop custom interface programs for conversion legacy data into oracle application 11i/R12
§ Maintaining Custom Interface to migrate Data in Oracle Application from other system
5.Backups and Disaster Recovery:
§ Implementing Comprehensive Backup/Restore mechanism and data replication.
§ Implemented Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) using oracle Failsafe/RAC (Real Application Cluster) and Disaster Recovery (DR) using Standby DB mechanism
§ Configuration of Recovery Manager (RMAN) for Online Backup
§ Maintaining security system on Application level, Database level as well as Operating system Level.
§ Implemented user and network security and auditing in Oracle Application.
7.Optimization/Performance Tuning:
§ Performance tuning & monitoring of the Oracle Application, Database and Unix kernel parameters
§ Database Space Management and Pinning Objects
§ Analyzing Schema (Gather Schema Statistics)
§ Optimizing Table and Index Partitioning
§ Troubleshooting Oracle Application Performance/Tuning Issues.
§ Configure OEM 10g/11g/12c for Application (specially Concurrent Manager) and Database Monitoring
§ 3rd Party Software for System and Application Monitor
8.SQL/Unix Shell Scripting:
§ Shell scripts for automatic startup and shutdown of Databases as well as automated backups, session waits and locks and snapshot refreshes and load multiple data files.
§ Automated daily Database, Application, and System health monitor with some kind of notification (Pager, Email, Mobile)
9.Regular Maintenance Activities:
§ Performing DBA activities such as Security Management, Space Management, User and Responsibility set-up, Performance Tuning & Monitoring, Concurrent Manager Monitor, defining printers, and setup Oracle Alerts/Auditing
§ Managing Oracle Applications Security
§ User and Data Auditing
§ Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports
§ Managing Concurrent Processing
§ Setting-up Multiple Currency, languages
§ Maintaining User, System and Custom Profiles
§ Troubleshoot with Oracle Applications Tech Stack including Up-gradation/configuration of HTTP Server (Apache), Jserver, Developer 6i (Forms server and Reports Server), Concurrent Manager, Jinitiator, OA Framework, JDK, XML, and JRE.
§ Set-up Oracle Application Support Diagnostic Test Utility for application modules.
§ Migrate AutoConfig and Generic Service Management (GSM) functionality to provide central management console built into Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)
§ Configured the Workflow Notification Mailer
§ Activities include backup, SGA tuning, SQL tuning, Apps patches, and database refreshes
§ Periodically refresh Oracle databases and Applications, for business reasons
§ Writing Driver codes for Printer Set-up in Application
§ Applying and Reviewing oracle application Patches
§ Knowledge of Application Debugging and Tracing
§ Assist/support the development and end user team (PL/SQL Tuning)
§ Work closely with Oracle Support/Development Team.
§ Responsible for 24/7 Production/Testing Instances Support
§ Troubleshoot with SQLNET and TCP/TP configuration
12.Version Control:
§ Revision Version Control (RCS) on Unix and Version Control System (PVCS) on NT.
§ Maintain version control and policies for changes in Application and Customization
13. Advanced Technology
§ Knowledge on Fusion Application Technology Stack
§ Knowledge on Fusion Middleware

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