Senior Position | Head of Partnership Office of Service Delivery | Bengaluru

Head of Partnership Office of Service Delivery – India+ RDC

REPORTING TO (Functional Title) Service Delivery Head (SDH) for India and RDC
JOB FAMILY Partnership Office
FUNCTION/DEPARTMENT (ex. GCC) Partnership Office
LOCATION Bengaluru
Duration of Assignment : Permanent
MISSION 1.     The Head of Partnership Office (HPO) delivers input into the (COMPANY) Tech Strategy and is responsible for the alignment in between (COMPANY) Tech and its Partners

  • The voice of the customer from the region, driving (COMPANY) Tech towards the required directions from a Business and Customer satisfaction standpoint
  • The leading directions, aligned with Partners’ needs, in the framework of (COMPANY) Tech strategy so that (COMPANY) Tech is a Client oriented organization.
  • The management of the revenues of (COMPANY) Tech and of its related security margin, jointly with our CFO’s organization

2.     Manages inbound and outbound information flows, Partners’ expectations and negotiations with them. HPO is managing and animating the governance bodies with Partners.

3.     Leads Company Relationship with its Partners in the region, ensures Delivery and Quality of Services, is accountable for Revenue and security margin as well as Client satisfaction and is autonomous in front of the Client within the limits of his delegation as agreed by the SDH.

4.     Ensures the Regional Business development arm of (COMPANY) Tech, supporting Scope Expansion, management of competitiveness and sales and marketing of New Services.

5.     Responsible to ensure delivery on Time, scope and effort/budget of pool of project / program managers planned or adhoc undertaken for the customers

6.     Ensures timely tracking and reporting of projects with no followup or escalations.

7.     Defines and build strategic plans and internal projects portfolios for (COMPANY) Tech Asia on a yearly basis with the inputs from the Executive team and in the respect of the budget.

8.     Leads governance and executive steering committees dealing with internal projects.

9.     Establish and integrate measures, metrics, thresholds, and targets to drive performance of the internal projects portfolio, in alignment with the (COMPANY) Tech and the CPM project methodology, including risk and operational management metrics.

10.  Manage multiple, critical and complex  projects, from definition to implementation, leading project and program managers, in a large-scale matrix multinational organization

11.  Improve delivery of solutions and leverage project management knowledge across the organization

DOMAINS OF RESPONSIBILITY HPO is responsible for one to several Project/Program managers and account managers as member of the Partnership Office family. He/She manages the flow of information to and from clients, as well as their expectations, and negotiates with them.

Guarantees delivery and quality of service, responsible for revenues, margins and client satisfaction. Is independent when dealing with the client within the limits defined by the CEO / CCO. Ensures that (COMPANY) Technology Services is a client-focused organization and represents the voice of the client in relation with other (COMPANY) Technology Services departments.

HPO is accountable at (COMPANY) Tech Domestic + Asia customers for the definition, the implementation and the delivery of best-in class and high added value policies, processes, initiatives, programs in term of:

Account Management relationship and Customer Satisfaction measurement

Development of the depth and quality of the relationship with Partners as well as the permanent control of (COMPANY) Tech level of performance and acknowledgement of it by Partners

Management of revenues and security margin

Last call before CIO and CEO on revenues negotiations with Partners as well as savings allocations to them, joint management of the related security margins with the agreed frames, implementation of the required methodologies, process and tools

Marketing, innovation and pricing

Support Identification and prioritization of the product and services development opportunities making sure customers requirements are well integrated as well as pricing and services properly respond to their needs.

Support Development & successful launch of new services offering and scope expansions

Support Development of the new services offering in terms of Business Case, Feasibility Study, Pilot and Partner satisfaction at local or regional level

Identification of the Scope Expansion opportunities.

KPI Client KPIs and client satisfaction measure by :

1)     Quality of Service

1.     OTOBOS on major projects

2.     Man days lost because of (COMPANY) Tech outages

3.     SLA achievement

4.     Security / DRP / BCP objectives

2)     Partner Relationship

1.     End user scope

2.     Executive scope and Client CEO Feedback

3)     Cost efficiency

1.     Service fee (transparency and reliability)

2.     Productivity/Joint savings plan and or Benchmark

4)     Qualitative goals

1.     Governance effectiveness

2.     Full transparency in financial flow

3.     Reduction in time by the regions to manage ATSS service delivery

– Revenue generation on Scope and Service expansions

– Positive security margin                            

– Improvements of (COMPANY) Tech maturity in his areas

– Governance under control        

– Neither surprises nor escalations from Partners

PROFILE Minimum 10-15 years business and IT experience in a large firm with a minimum of 7 years in IT Service Delivery or as a client of IT SD.

Past positive experience as a CIO, Head of an SD or IS Division would be of great benefit.

Good knowledge of Insurance Business, the (COMPANY) Group and the (COMPANY) Tech Partner companies

Educated to degree and post graduate degree level.

English plus one to two additional languages (out of the region)

Potentially is the Deputy to Head of Service Delivery for India + RDC

SKILLS The job-holder must have :

A broad-based experience in IT, Development and Service Delivery side, past experience of Account Executive or IT Program Management, a good knowledge of the (COMPANY) Group

An Insurance Business Experience as well as a good understanding of Finance topics

IT Architecture experience

Strong management skills including decision-making, negotiation and risk management skills

Excellent communication skills, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of CEOs, CFOs, Business Executives and CIOs ; to build credibility and to form strong working relationships throughout the entire Organization

Proactive, reasoned and strategic approach, with the ability to ensure that every initiative is aligned with OpCo Strategy and be flexible in a changing and multicultural business context

EXP Ü  18 -20 yrs

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